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The Dance Scene - 2022
The Dance Scene - 2022
The Dance Scene - 2022

Award-Winning Choreography

"A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet, and a passion for life."

Training Dancers  ❤️  Shaping Lives."

The Dance Scene's artistic director, Nikki Patrick, has been dancing since she was 4 years old.  Little did her parents know in finding an activity for early childhood development, would lead to a lifelong love, passion, and daily pursuit. As such, her life has been filled with wonderful memories of past performances, esteemed teachers, and studio friendships. However, more than the memories, were the lessons learned throughout her studio years.  Amidst the enjoyment, dancing taught her to work hard, stay focused, persevere and appreciate the discipline of the art.  So much so, that she is very motivated to see her students grow and develop in the same ways.  To her, it is so much more than just teaching dance, it is more about connecting dance to life in a way that leaves a lifelong impression in their young lives and leads to a lifetime of success.  She will often share with studio parents, “Dance lessons equal life lessons."  Together with her teaching team, most of whom have very similar dance experiences, they strive to be more than just dance teachers, but mentors, coaches, advocates and friends.

Meet Our Staff

Nikhol Yeoman
Sarah Back, HS Dance Scene, 2016
Sarah Back
Krysti Gutierrez
Vinh Nguyen
Nattie Jimenez
Becca Nickerson

Training Dancers ❤️ Shaping Lives

"The Dance Scene truly embodies their commitment to their mission and values "Training dancers, shaping lives." I am continually impressed by the community that surrounds my daughter as she grows as a dancer and member of the The Dance Scene family.
Wendy Willet York

Nikki & Jason Patrick


Our classes are arranged both by age and ability with limited enrollment to provide students with the best individual training they can receive. We presently offer classes in tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and tumbling.

Meet Our TAP & JTAP Dancers!

Teacher Assistant Program

Teaching Assistants are very important to The Dance Scene.  Our Teacher Assistant Program is composed of dancers ages 14+ years and Junior Teacher Assistants ages 11-13, who show a great deal of hard-work, determination, and leadership, as well as having the maturity and discipline to work with younger dancers.  In order to assist, they must have reached an acceptable level of proficiency in the classes they are assisting, and still taking their regular classes to better themselves. Each year, we select a limited number of students who have the qualities necessary to be a successful teaching assistant or junior teaching assistant.  Here at The Dance Scene, our dance family is very thankful to have such bright and talented role-models working alongside our dancers and teachers in class.

Teacher Assistants
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