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Competition Team

The Dance Scene Competition Dance Team is a pre-professional dance company, based out of Victorville, CA and under the direction of Nikki Patrick.  Dancers on our award winning dance team have the opportunity to perform around the Victorville area, work with award-winning choreographers from across the country and attend conventions and competitions throughout California. Our dance team is made up of a group of highly competitive and motivated dancers. Dancers must audition for the team and are then placed into groups by ability and then by age.  All dancers must enroll in mandatory classes including Ballet, Jazz, and Turns & Leaps. Along with their required classes, most competition team dancers take several of our other classes as well in order to increase their skill level.  In addition to their intense training and demanding school schedules, we make time for a little fun and games too.  Throughout the season, we have regularly scheduled team bonding events which allow the kids to interact with staff and other team members away from the studio.  We believe in four main studio essentials: Dance Hard, Have Fun, Build Friendships, and Create Memories.

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