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"Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively."

          - National Dance Education Organization

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What To Wear

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Dress code

TAP, JAZZ, & HIP HOP - All ages, male and female

  • Clothing:  Stretchy shorts, capris, or pants, (not too long.  We want to see the feet.), tank tops, t-shirts, leotards; basically any clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around in.


  • HAIR:  Pulled back and off neck!  Bangs longer than eyebrows need to be pulled back and off forehead!

BALLET (Girls AGES 3-6)

  • Clothing: Any color leotard, any color skirt or tutu (optional), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes.

  • HAIR: Pulled back in either bun or pony tail! {See teacher for preference).  Bangs longer than eyebrows need to be pulled back and off forehead!

BALLET (Girls Ages 7 - 9)

  • Clothing: Pink leotards, (No Hot Pink) pink ballet skirt or tutu (optional), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes.

  • HAIR: Pulled back in either bun or pony tail! (See teacher for preference).  Bangs longer than eyebrows need to be pulled back and off forehead!

BALLET (Girls Ages 9 & Up)

  • Clothing: Black leotards, black ballet skirt (optional), pink tights, pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes.

  • HAIR: Pulled back in either bun or pony tail! (See teacher for preference).  Bangs longer than eyebrows need to be pulled back and off forehead!

BALLET (All Males)

  • Clothing: Black shorts or black pants with appropriate t-shirt (no baggy clothing and no jeans!)


Please Note:

Not dressing accordingly may result in the dancers sitting during class!!!

Please be prepared!!!

Dress Code

Here are a few of our most Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of dance do you teach?
We teach tap, jazz, ballet (including Pointe), lyrical, hip hop and contemporary.
Can my two-year-old take dance class?

We start students at age 3.  Most students are ready for the structure of dance class by age 3; although a few do better when started a little later.  We can usually tell within the first 3-4 weeks of class if they are ready or not.  Our only prerequisite is that they are potty-trained.

What do I need to wear for class?

Please click here for the Dress Code.

How long is each session?

Our main session runs September to June.  Our recital is usually the 3rd or 4th weekend in June (depending on the availability of the performing arts center).  Classes continue as scheduled through the summer months as well.

Why am I in the same level as last year?

Students age 6 and older will usually spend a minimum of 2 years at each level.  One year to be exposed to the curriculum and one year to develop proficiency in the steps learned.  Additional time may be needed to become proficient at the enrolled level, especially in ballet and tap because it is a very technical form of dance.  This varies some of course with individual students, some may take longer, but that is our basic premise.


Do you spend the entire year working on the recital dance?

Classes will always include a warm-up/stretching, center work and across the floor combinations.  Starting in January our teachers begin working on the choreography for the recital and will replace some of the across the floor work during the last half of class with learning choreography.  Their recital piece takes the place of other combinations.  As recital time nears, they may spend more time on the rehearsing, but class will never be devoted only to learning the one dance (Except our competition teams).  We want our students to learn technique needed to be a dancer, not just learn a dance.

My daughter wants to dance on her toes.  When can she start?

Pointe work (dancing on the toes) is not a separate form of dance.  It is a continuing part of ballet dance education for those who have reached a certain level and have the physical strength that allows them to dance on their toes.  Pointe should never be taken without first training and then continuing in Ballet classes.  Some students may have certain physical aspects that will not allow them ever to dance on Pointe.  Pointe work is very demanding and can only be taken by students who demonstrate a good work ethic and whose body is mature enough to withstand the rigors of the activity.  Students must meet three criteria before being eligible to participate in Pointe class, they are: (1) be enrolled in the advanced or pre-pointe ballet class, (2) be at least 12 years old, and (3) have the approval of Miss Nikki and our senior ballet instructor.

My son wants to dance.  Will he be the only guy in the studio?

Our studio has several male dancers in different classes with female dancers.  So far it has not been a problem for them but one class that seems to get them started and interested is our hip hop classes.


What if I as an adult want to dance?  Are there any classes for me, but I don’t want to do the recital?

Yes.  In fact, we have both recital performing classes and non-recital performing classes.  Our adult recital classes include tap and jazz for both the beginning and intermediate students, as well as beginning ballet, along with a cardio/conditioning and a stretch and strengthening class (very popular).


If we miss a class, is it possible to make it up?

Any missed class may be made up in any other class of the same level. Please check with the front desk for the appropriate times and days. However, no refunds or reductions are made for missed classes. Students who wish to make up missed classes must do so within 30 days of missing class.

Do I need to stay at the studio while my child has class or can I drop off/pick up?

With children ages 5 and under parents must stay at the studio for bathroom breaks and to help change their shoes during class.  Ages 6 and up we encourage parents to stay in the waiting area until the children become acclimated to the new situation. Once they are, the parents may bring the children in and run off for errands during class time. We do expect parents to pick them up promptly; however, if there is an occasional problem and a child must wait for a little bit, please call the studio and let the front desk know as we may notify the affected dancer who is be welcome to wait in the reception area while awaiting your arrival.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.

 When is tuition due?

Your tuition payment is due on the 1st of each month. Please note that we do not send out bills.  As a courtesy only, we may attempt contact by email or telephone to advise of the delinquency, but it is the responsibility of the account holder to timely remit payment. Please note, a $15 late fee will be imposed on the 11th of every month.  Additionally, if tuition is not paid by the 25th of the month, a $25 late fee is imposed.


What if my child decides she or he doesn't want to be in the performance?

Participation in our end-of-the-year performances is not mandatory.


When do you start registering students for classes?

We have ongoing enrollment for new students.  The only exceptions fall between the months of April to June as we are preparing for our end of the year recital.  Students desiring to register during these months shall do so beginning in June to start in July.

What If I'm late for class?

We understand that being late is sometimes unavoidable; however, a pupil who is more than 10 minutes late for class may be asked by the teacher to observe rather than take class.  This is not a disciplinary measure, but it is done with the student's best interests in mind -- especially those where higher levels are concerned. A student who misses the beginning exercises runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up.


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